Square One Graphics is based in Lincoln, CA. As a creative graphic design service we specialize in the design and development of brand identity, packaging, and designing creative websites. Also we are extremely proud that we are able to provide specialized design services for all branches of our nation's military.


We also offer private one-on-one training here in my office, in your home, office or place of business. We provide customized training to specialized industries such as the sign cutting, silk screening, engraving, embroidery industries just to name a few. We will streamline each course to target your industry's specialized requirements.


We can get together with you to work on one specific problem you are experiencing instead of giving you a complete training course.

Our goal is to get you proficient in CorelDRAW as quickly as possible so you can focus on providing your clients with quality products in the most cost efficient manner.


Call us today so by tomorrow you will be well on your way to Mastering the Power of CorelDRAW graphics suite.



In my opinion there are only a few individuals, besides Square One, who are dedicated to supporting the Corel Community with outstanding training both in the classroom and on professionally produced CorelDRAW tutorial DVDs. One is Foster Coburn of Graphics Unleashed out of Cave Creek, AZ. He offers Boot Camps  and outstanding training DVDs. Scott Georgeson of Click-N-Learn out of Australia was contracted by Corel Corporation to produce the training tutorials that come on the latest versions of CorelDRAW graphics suite. He also offers a wide variety of training DVDs. I highly recommend both these resources. Visit the web sites today.

Be sure to visit our Freelance & Military Design pages to see exactly what type of quality graphics design services we provide our clients. Through many years of working with CorelDRAW were are able to turn out these awesome designs. I have been using CorelDRAW for over 16 years now and even I learn something new with the release of new versions.


I have recently upgraded to a Nikon D800 Full Frame Camera. I wanted to be able to shoot my own images to use in my design work. The 36 megapixels offer me  superior sharpness and vibrant colors.

When you take our CorelDRAW classes you are entitled to FREE
unlimited Tech Support.

Large file sizes come along with the high megapixels so a faster computer and lots of RAM are a must. These large high resolution images allow me to crop in on an image and capture the portion I need.


A fellow photography friend and I are always looking for interesting places to shoot. If you have a favorite spot around the greater Sacramento, CA area that you think we might enjoy shooting drop me an e-mail. We like to keep our photo shoots down to one day there and back. Happy Shooting!


Helping users Master the Power of CorelDRAW.

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